Aedes Mosquito in Pradak

Every year Cambodia people were killed by dengue fever, not only children, adults are included. In 2015, The annual report of CNM was quoted by a dual language newspaper that  34 people died, mostly children aged 5-14. MoH annually do a campaign in early rainy season to announce to its people to protect the children or family members from mosquito.

However, a woman of 35 years old was died by dengue fever in early July. 1 week after she got illness, she was sent to Pradak health centre nearby her village. Her family was told it is too late for the patient to get treatment. Sadly her corpse was taken to home for funeral ceremony. In her family, she has left her husband and her two little daughters in primary school age. Traditionally, her corpse have to be cremated in 3 days after she is died, but her family decided to buried her corpse a day after because they had no money to embalm.


A permanent Meru was built to represent the mount Meru where gods exist. 3 days later, bones were taken to re-cremate under the lead of an Acarya [អាចារ្យ], ceremony leader by local traditional practice. Around 50 villagers participated in the cremation ceremony to pay their last visit for her. From now, they believe, she will reincarnate in the next life as navigated by Acarya.


A cremated place is located on the small mount, surrounded by rice field, where all died people in the village will be cremated here. All families of the corpse need to lend this land from the owner for the cremation ceremony from 20000-30000 Riel ($5-$7.5).


For 30 min, the fire burned the coffin and bones to ash again. The corpse’s relative brought water to pour on the fire before starting the next process. Repeatedly, Acarya leaded the ceremony to transform [ប្រែរូប] the corpse to be a new one and told the corpse to meet the guardian of god Yama.


The remain ashes were purified by coconut with symbolising of sacred water, sometime it was thought as holy Gange river, which is believed the Indian tradition. Cambodia likes as other Southeast Asia countries were indianised in early century.


Then,the cremation completely ended and most participants returned to the ceremony house, the dead person’s house, in the village. Her family and relatives brought home purified ashes to complete the funeral ceremony before it would be placed in Pagoda nearby the village. Otherwise, some men did not return to the ceremony house due to another responsibility to complete. These men had to demolish the Meru immediately after the cremation ended.


Mosquito is small but it can kill every person who is unintentionally careful of protection themselves from this small killer.


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