Why Unesco?

Some countries are in an effort to figure out their identities in different ways with expectation to officially possess those in one day. In the meantime, some try to label their cultures to become world heritage status by engaged with UNESCO: 1972 convention and 2003 convention, due to the identity, preservation and socio-economic purpose.


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With 1972 convention, the balance of preservation and development was pointed out in multi-articles to basically consider the issue in World Heritage Site. On the one hand, #Urbanicide is truly concerned by some scholars on critical heritage studies. Meanwhile, 2003 convention seems standstill when the state party is proud of the #UNESCO label in a short time without detailing long-term policy. So what is necessary of identity? In the future, we will hear the presenter states that country A owns it [by embalming], while country B regularly practices it.

Conical hat #ASEANHat

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In sum, people should have been happy with culture in which they have developed, and also live with what they suppose to.


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